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How We Work

Our approach is based on understanding, agility and the perfect ratio of human resources, technology, heart and complex, yet fail-proof Scrum technology.

1. Request

With a detailed outline of the client’s project idea, the target audience, goals and vision we start a collaborative process with every specialist on the project team.

2. Research

An extensive analysis relevant to the project is run with a perform competitive analysis to define how to build your digital solution unique and capable of overcoming the challenges.

3. identify

We outline the milestones, technologies to be used, skills sets that will make your project shine, estimate timeframes and costs. After this, our digital sprint begins!

4. Assemble

Our dedicated team of experts with the right skills are brought to the table. We assign tasks, maintaining a full communication between the team and the client.

5. Development

The experts work on the creating, programming, development and integrating the tasks after a reviewed time schedule. All progress is documented, reviewed and discussed on the daily or weekly basis.

6. Outcome

We deliver the finished project to the client. The result of our services increases the business efficiency and revenue growth of the client, allowing to achieve cost optimization, automate and simplify the business processes, increase the number of customers and their satisfaction rate.

How can we help you?

We design cost effective web and mobile solutions around specific client requirements. Our reliability has made us the preferred vendor for forward looking enterprise worldwide.

“DM Blocks has been an allied of our Foundation since day zero. The obtained support from designing our website accordingly to our needs, to its maintenance and email services has been attended soon and with a great level of professionalism. Beyond that, we know DM Blocks is a friend of us, and share our values and the fight for inclusion.”

Jehykin Umaña
Executive Director, Best Buddies Costa Rica

“I want to thank DM Blocks for all the support and availability from all this time, it has allow us to resolve our doubts about technical stuff and all the process of our digital transformation journey.”

Rubén Villalobos
Vicepresident, ADI San Rafael