What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization are all the techniques and strategies that increase quantity and quality of traffic to your website through the organic search engine results, such as Google, Yahoo! or Bing.

Our Digital Marketing solutions offer you a full spectrum of business and marketing consulting services to give you practical advice on how to run a better, more profitable business.

What You Will Get

Site Speed

This is the time your website takes to load every image, media file or asset to present them to the user.

Web Performance

You will get a basic analysis of how you website performs accordingly to Google PageSpeed Insights.


Is your website mobile-friendly? We will run tests to determinate how accesible, responsive and mobile optimized your website is.

Content Priority

Are you presenting the most relevant information to your users? We examine if your website use the best approach based on your industry.

Meta Data

Search engines uses hidden information on your website source code to show most relevant results when a user searches online. We identify the use of meta tags, alternative text on images, in-bound hyperlinks, and more.

Hosting Metrics

Even if your website runs good on the other points, it still can be improved on the back-end. We test your current hosting provider to help you identify possible data or traffic lost.

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